Tony and Olga

My husband and I went to this office because of a recommendation of a friend after talking to a lawyer that offered us cheaper services but who was not very trustworthy.

We had the first appointment with Mr. Swaim, a very knowledgeable and nice man. Then our case was assigned to other lawyers working in the office as we met requirements with immigration. All of them have been very respectful and professional. They followed up on our case and advised us very well in order to be compliant with Immigration requirements.

To Work with Tidwell, Swaim and Associates has been a pleasant experience with no surprises, We were notified in advance of each and every situation, We were kept in the loop totally, and if a question arose that any Para- Legal could not answered then Mr. Swaim would answer immediately with a solution. My regards and recommendations to Mr. Swaim and the law firm of Tidwell, Swaim and Associates.

They are, and I don’t use this word often, Awesome.

Thanks, Tony and Olga.

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