Mr. J. David Swaim and his firm had represented me in a variety of immigration issues. He helped me to process my working visa while working for Marazzi Tile. I was so impressed with his integrity and knowledge of immigration law than later I decided to hire him to represent me in processing my green card. In my case, I knew that this legal petition would have a very profound impact in the future of my family and the rest of my life since moving to the USA was of my highest priority. When I received some requests for evidence from the immigration processing department, I knew I made the right decision in hiring his law firm. They acted extremely quickly in putting a response to the request. In addition. Mr. Swaim showed great creativity in showing my legal information in a way that would be very easy to the immigration officers to understand In addition, he and his staff were always ready to answer my phone calls to explain me the process every step of the way since I was very concern that something would go wrong with my petition. During the past 15 years I been waiting for this moment. I have just received my green card!!! I know that accomplishing this goal took a lot of planning but a key stone of this goal was to hire the right lawyer and the right firm to guide me through immigration law.

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