Preliminary Information on the New H-1 Electronic Registration Program

We have been waiting since last year for information on the new process to register for the H-1 lottery (a very good thing), but unfortunately have been given very limited information about how the program will work (a very bad thing).

What we do know at this time is the registration will be submitted through the USCIS’ “myUSCIS portal” and we are confident the information required for registration will include the following:


  • Legal name of the prospective petitioning company or organization
  • The Doing Business As names of the prospective petitioning company or organization
  • Employer identification number (EIN) of the prospective petitioning company or organization
  • Primary U.S. office address of the prospective petitioning company or organization
  • Legal name, title, and contact information (daytime phone number and email address) of the authorized signatory


  • Beneficiary’s legal name
  • Beneficiary’s gender
  • Does the beneficiary have a master’s or higher degree from a U.S. institution of higher education such that the beneficiary is eligible for the advanced degree exemption under INA 214(g)(5)(C) and requesting consideration under the advanced degree exemption?
  • Beneficiary’s date of birth
  • Beneficiary’s country of birth and country of citizenship
  • Beneficiary’s passport number

We are also confident the filing fee for registration will be $10 paid through the portal.

Information about the company, the position, a job description with requirements, etc. will not be required for registration but obviously a determination must be made prior to registration that the company, position and prospective employee will qualify for H-1 status.

Finally, please not that non-cap cases such as positions at universities or affiliated entities, and research positions with the government or non-profits will continue to file H-1 cases as in the past.

We will continue to provide updated information as we obtain it. Thank you.