Dallas Morning News brings up and interesting study.

New study says immigrants commit crimes less often in Texas than those born in the U.S.

Dianne Solis, Senior writer

An analysis released Monday by the libertarian Cato Instituteshows that unauthorized immigrants and legal immigrants in Texas commit proportionally fewer crimes than the native-born population.

The study found that unauthorized immigrants had a criminal conviction rate 56 percent below that of the native-born people, said Alex Nowrasteh, a Cato immigration analyst and the study’s author.

“And that tells us this is not a population that commits a lot of crime,” Nowrasteh said. “If it is true of Texas, it has got to be true in much of the United States.”

Legal immigrants — a category that includes immigrants who became U.S. citizens — have even lower rates of criminal convictions, at 85 percent below the native-born, the study found. “Legal immigrants are much more law-abiding than virtually any other group in our society,” Nowrasteh said.

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