David Swaim is VERY attentive to details. Although my immigration case was pretty complicated, he did a wonderful job handling it. He took the Immigration Service to federal court, sued them actually, and not only won but forced them to pay almost all of the attorney’s fees and cost.

Acquiring my Green card was only a distant dream for me originally, but with his consistent guidance the entire process turned out to be very smooth. I am truly grateful for his support. David is extremely skilled at law and on how to deal with the federal agencies. He undertook great effort, including making visits to the local USCIS office to make sure the case was taken care of. He was very kind and courteous, and showed a lot of concern towards my case. I would certainly recommend him to anybody and everybody. Tidwell, Swaim & Associates has the most knowledgeable lawyers any client could ask for! From me and my whole family we want to thank you or doing wonderful work.

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