CNN’s view on coming to America legally.

‘Come legally?’ Trump, here’s what you don’t get By Jill Filipovic “Tell people not to come to our country illegally,” was President Donald Trump’s comment to reporters as he boarded a plane to Europe on Tuesday. “That’s the solution. Don’t come to our country illegally. Come like other people do. Come legally.” What was he[…]

A look into what happens once these immigrant families are reunited.

Some immigrant families are being reunited — but their troubles are far from over By Harmeet Kaur (CNN)After a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reunite the immigrant families it has separated, there’s been a trickle of stories of parents being reunited with their kids. Nearly 3,000 kids were separated from their parents as a result of the White House’s zero[…]

A protest started as people don’t like the treatment of immigrant children near the Texas Border.

Hundreds Protest on Father’s Day Against a Tent City for Immigrant Children Near Texas Border By LAIGNEE BARRON On Father’s Day, hundreds of protesters descended on a Texas border outpost where a new tent city has been erected to detain immigrant children, according to NPR. The Trump administration announced the new facility would be opening in Tornillo, Texas[…]

Why are we chasing away people who contribute so much to the Texas economy?

Undocumented Texans contribute billions to the economy. Why are we chasing them away? Mitchell Schnurman, Business columnist In Texas, undocumented immigrants are an asset, and a valuable one.That may not be obvious, given that many work off the books in lower-paying jobs and have less education than immigrants who came here legally. Their contributions are[…]

The New York Times talks about the breaking up of immigrant families.

Breaking Up Immigrant Families: A Look at the Latest Border Tactic By Miriam Jordan Ramping up a promised “zero tolerance” immigration policy on the Southwest border, the Justice Department said that 11 members of a caravan of migrants from Central America were being criminally prosecuted for crossing the border illegally. At least four of those facing[…]

Wall Street Journal showing why America needs more immigrants than it has ever needed.

An Immigration Debate Distinct From Economic Realities By  Gerald F. Seib The American birthrate has slowed dramatically, with the number of babies born in the U.S. last year hitting a 30-year low. At the same time, Alaska fisheries, New Hampshire restaurants and Maryland crab processors all say they are critically short of workers. Farmers say they need thousands more[…]