It Seems Healthcare Providers are Missing a Great Opportunity

As we discussed in several updates last year, a “glitch” in the immigrant visa quota as left the Third Preference and Other Worker Worldwide categories current, or with very little backlog.

Until this occurred, Registered Nurses had very few immigration options even if they graduated from a US nursing school.  Now, however, a foreign national RN can file the entire green card process at one time once the 30 day posting is completed and the prevailing wage obtained from DOL. 

But it appears almost no health care providers are taking advantage of this unique situation.  We have been contacted by numerous foreign national RNs, primarily in F-1 OPT status, but they have not received any support from their employers to move forward.  If the opportunity is not taken advantage of in the very near future it will simply not be available. Whether this “window” closes in two months or ten months we do not know.  But it will close and when it does these nurses will have no immigration options after their OPT expires.

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