Wall Street Journal showing why America needs more immigrants than it has ever needed.

An Immigration Debate Distinct From Economic Realities By  Gerald F. Seib The American birthrate has slowed dramatically, with the number of babies born in the U.S. last year hitting a 30-year low. At the same time, Alaska fisheries, New Hampshire restaurants and Maryland crab processors all say they are critically short of workers. Farmers say they need thousands more[…]

Discussion on how hard it’s getting even for an immigrant that are here legally.

Without immigration reform, even those here legally are in danger of deportation BY CHERYL LITTLE Fifteen months after taking office, President Trump is fulfilling his pledge to build a “great, beautiful” wall to keep immigrants out. Even if no concrete is ever poured, the wall is effectively being built through executive orders, procedural changes, detentions[…]

New ways the border is cracking down on immigrants.

Breaking Up Immigrant Families: A Look at the Latest Border Tactic By Miriam Jordan Ramping up a promised “zero tolerance” immigration policy on the Southwest border, the Justice Department said that 11 members of a caravan of migrants from Central America were being criminally prosecuted for crossing the border illegally. At least four of those facing[…]

Immigration is making Columbus, Indiana more competitive.

Invested in immigration: Foreign-born workers increasing in Columbus By Mark Webber A local panel of experts discussed how immigration and a diverse workforce will make Columbus more competitive in Indiana and the United States. Sponsored by the National Immigration Forum, the discussion Thursday at The Columbus Learning Center centered around a discussion about how Columbus can[…]

Immigration can be a struggle all over the world.

Man living in UK for 56 years loses job over immigration papers Amelia Gentleman Michael Braithwaite, a special needs assistant, was told he could not be employed at school as he did not have biometric card An experienced special needs teaching assistant lost his job after his employers ruled that he was an illegal immigrant,[…]

More reasons that we need immigration from the Washington Post.

America needs more workers. Trump’s war on immigration won’t help. By Editorial Board PRESIDENT TRUMP makes no secret of his distaste for immigrants, nor of his support for measures to slash both legal and illegal immigration. Even as his crusade to close borders intensifies, however, American employers in an array of industries — manufacturing, agriculture, trucking, home[…]

A sad story about a little-known immigration program.

In Alabama, a Liberian Teacher Awaits Her Fate as Deadline Looms for Little-Known Immigration Program Tina Vasquez In the nine years that Nancy Harris has taught pre-school at a predominantly white Methodist church in Birmingham, Alabama, she has jumpstarted the literacy of hundreds of children. The parents and larger church community have come to love[…]