Some Bad News for Anti-Immigration Groups

The President’s Executive Order regarding “illegal aliens” in the US has finally been clarified and it looks like, as was stated at the beginning, no one is being legalized or being given amnesty.  We know that many anti-immigration groups wanted to use this “amnesty” against the President but that ignores the fact that the President[…]

Practice Alert: Avoiding EB-5 Investment Scams

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have issued a joint fraud alert for the EB-5 investor program.   According to the alert, the agencies are aware of multiple investment scams targeting foreign nationals who seek to become lawful permanent residents through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. Moreover, the[…]

President Obama Announces Plans for Illegal Immigrants but the Process Will Not Be Available for at Least Several Weeks

As everyone knows by now, the President has announced his intention to use his Executive authority to provide benefits to most illegal immigrants and apparently reform the legal immigration system as far as can be accomplished without legislation.   The important  point right now is that the details on how these goals will be achieved have[…]

Why Immigration Amnesty Never Works (But Could if Done Correctly)

As background, the immigration legislation passed by Congress in 1986 which created the original amnesty program essentially legalized approximately 8 million people. These individuals were primarily unskilled, semi-skilled and agricultural workers. More importantly, the reason these individuals were illegally in the United States was simply because there were no legal immigration categories for that type[…]

For Those Who Think Getting a Green Card Through Marriage is Just a “Game”, Here are Some Simple Reasons it is Not

Most people are not aware that “marriage cases” are won or lost when the case is filed, not at that interview which takes place later. In fact, if enough supporting evidence is not provided when the case is filed, the interview will more than likely be a nightmare resulting in not only the denial of[…]

What’s With All These Executive Orders?

Many Americans are quite upset with President Obama for issuing “executive orders” which they feel exceed his Constitutional authority. In fact, we had some very concerned responses to our recent article about the DACA program for the “Dreamers” (the children brought illegally by their parents). The American Immigration Council has compiled all of the immigration[…]

The American Dream May be Buying a House but an American Nightmare is a Fraudulent Loan Application

There have been a number of reported cases recently in which foreign nationals have applied for a mortgage to purchase a home and indicated on the loan application that they are U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, even permanent residents, who have the same rights as citizens to apply for these loans, have made the same mistake. Obviously,[…]